Benefits Resources

We want you to get the most out of your dental or vision plan. Check out our library of dental and vision resources to help you use your benefits to the fullest. 

Dental Benefits Materials

Delta Dental's Networks

Finding a Network Dentist (English & Spanish)

How Do I Know If I'll Be Balance Billed?

How Does Dental Emergency Coverage Work?

Member Portal Instructions

Mobile App Information

Mobile App Information (Spanish)

Special Health Care Needs Benefit

Not applicable to all plans

Understanding Your EOB (English & Spanish)

Virtual Visits

What are Lifetime Maximums?

Why Get a Pre-Treatment Estimate?

Why Go PPO?

Dental Benefits Videos

Choosing a Dental Insurance Carrier

Delta Dental's Networks Explained

The Many Ways Dental Benefits Pay

Which Network Does My Plan Give Me Access To?

Why It Pays To Visit An In-Network Dentist

Your Explanation of Benefits, Explained!

Still want more? Check out our full catalog of dental benefits videos on our YouTube channel.

Vision Benefits Materials

Hearing Discount (English & Spanish)

How to Use Your Benefits (Insight Network)

Web & Mobile App Information

One and Sun DeltaVision Add-On

One and Sun DeltaVision Add-On (Spanish)

Vision Benefits Videos

DeltaVision Administered by EyeMed: Overview

DeltaVision Administered by EyeMed: Online Providers

Still want more? Check out our full catalog of vision benefits videos on our YouTube channel.

Member Portal Demo Videos

Note: The following videos do not contain sound.

Creating a Member Portal Account

View Benefits & Eligibility

View Claims

View/Print ID Cards

Finding a Network Dentist

Update Account Information

Forgot Username/Password