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Having Issues Signing In?

Having trouble signing in with your username and/or password? There could be several reasons you may be getting the "name not found" or "account is locked" error message. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you are having trouble signing in to your account:

  • Did you know usernames and passwords are case sensitive?
    Make sure your Caps Lock key is off.

  • Did you receive a response that the information you entered did not match our internal record?
    Many people try to use a nickname when they create an account. To make sure we're keeping your information private, we check to make sure you're using the same name you gave us when we entered you into our system. If you are entered in our system as "Robert," we won't recognize "Bob" when you try to create an account. One other tip: If you are a member and you did not provide your social security number at enrollment, the system assigned you a psuedo-SSN and the only way to register is with your member ID.

  • How did you enter your ID number?
    Please enter ONLY the numeric parts of your ID number. No dashes, slashes or letters will be accepted.

  • Did you try to create your member account before your effective date?
    We love your eagerness! Unfortunately, we may not be finished processing your enrollment. We recommend waiting until your plan's effective date to sign up for a member account.

  • Did you try creating your member account using your social security number?
    Typically, you can register for a member portal account using your member ID or a social security number. However, if you did not provide your social security number at enrollment, the system assigned you a psuedo-SSN and the only way to register is with your member ID.

  • Did you try to sign into your member portal account multiple times without success?
    As a security precaution, accounts are automatically locked after 3 incorrect password attempts. Please contact customer service for assistance unlocking your account.

  • Are you a dental office user who didn't receive their registration passcode?
    The email address associated with the service office will receive the registration passcode. If you don't have acess to that email box, you'll need to contact your service office administrator. Also, don't forget to check your spam folder.

  • Are you a BMT administrator who didn't receive the access code?
    Sometimes the access code is delivered to your spam folder, so check there. If you still can't find the email with the access code, contact your account executive. They'll put in a resend request.

  • Has it been awhile since you last logged in?
    As a security precaution, our portal platforms automatically delete dentist and member accounts after 12-18 months of inactivity. Deleted accounts cannot be recovered and usernames cannot be reused. Sign into your account regularly to ensure uninterrupted access.

  • Are you having issues with your security questions and answers?
    Security answers are case-sensitive, so try changing the case if you know your answer is correct.

  • Are you a dental office user getting the message, "Combination of First Name and Last Name is already taken. Please modify your name to make it unique."?
    Unfortunately, this means that there are probably multiple accounts in your office with the same first name and last name, which isn't allowed. Please create a new DOT account.