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Mailing Address
P.O. Box 43000
Phoenix, AZ 85080-3000

Street Address
5656 W. Talavi Blvd.
Glendale, AZ 85306

Claims Address
Delta Dental of Arizona
Attn: Claims Department
P.0. Box 9092
Farmington Hills, MI 48333-9092

Group Plans

Customer Service
602.938.3131 | Toll-free: 800.352.6132 
TTY/TDD users may call 711
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Dentist Direct Line
602.588.3982 | Toll-free: 866.746.1834
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Broker Hotline
602.588.3606 | Toll-free: 888.651.3080
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Individual Plans

Customer Service
Toll-free: 800.894.2961
TTY/TDD users may call 711 


Sales & Enrollment
Toll-free: 800.894.2701

Broker Hotline
Toll-free: 800.894.1529

Note: Visit smilepoweraz.com to get a quote and enroll online.

Patient Direct Discount Plans

Customer Service
Toll-free: 866.327.0032
TTY/TDD users may call 711 

Sales & Enrollment
Toll-free: 866.327.0041

Note: Visit smilepoweraz.com/discountcard to get a quote and enroll online.

Medicare Advantage Plans

Devoted Health Care Plans
Administered by Delta Dental Insurance Company
Toll-free: 855.251.9742
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One & SunTM

Customer Service
Toll-free: 866.372.6841
TTY/TDD users may call 711

Note: Visit oneandsun.com for fulfillment information.

DDAZ Foundation

Barb Kozuh
Executive Director
602.588.3935 | Send email

Espie Jauregui-Echeveste
Grants Coordinator
602.588.3915 | Send email

Julie Roorda
Supply Donation Program Coordinator
602.588.3980 | Send email

Media Relations

HMA Public Relations (News media requests only)
Alison Bailin, 602.318.3775
Abbie S. Fink, 602.903.8502

Tiffany Di Giacinto
Senior Director of Brand and Product
602.588.3934 | Send email