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  • Try entering the dentist's last name in your search criteria. When you don't specify a name, the directory randomly picks up to 100 dentists who meet your search criteria.

  • Try changing the speciality field. It's possible that you've selected the wrong specialty for the dentist you're looking for. 

  • Double-check your plan type. For search purposes, your plan type is your network. You can usually find your plan name on your Delta Dental ID card or by signing in to the Member Connection.

  • If you are on the Delta Dental PPO™ plan, check the Delta Dental Premier® network. Your dentist may be an in-network dentist, but may not participate in the PPO network. Your Delta Dental PPO plan allows you to visit Premier dentists, but you'll usually save more money when you see a PPO dentist.

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Our PDF dentist directory is updated monthly, so it may not be as up-to-date as our online search tool.

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Our DeltaVision® plans are served by EyeMed Vision Care’s extensive network of private practice and retail vision providers.