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Thank you for choosing Delta Dental Patient Direct! The Patient Direct program is not insurance. It's a discount buying program that offers you an easy and inexpensive way to save money on the health services you need from the names you trust. Bookmark this page to stay in-the-know about the available discounts and offers just for Y-O-U!

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Save 20% on Dental Services

Simply show your Patient Direct ID card when visiting a dentist in the Patient Direct network to receive a minimum of 20% discount on treatment and services performed in-office.


Dental Procedures Dentist's Usual & Customary Fee Your Savings
New Patient Exam     $107     $21
Full Mouth X-Rays     $159     $32
Adult Cleaning     $110     $22
Child Cleaning     $80     $16
Tooth-Colored Filling     $340     $68
Crown     $1,349     $270
Root Canal     $1,230     $246
Deep Cleaning Per Quadrant     $307     $61
Implant Placement     $2,278     $456
Extraction     $340     $68
IV Sedation / Per Unit (Unit = 15 Minutes)     $277     $55

In the example cost savings chart above, the procedures listed are examples used for illustrative purposes only. Consult your dentist for appropriate care, testing and treatment recommendations. The dentist's usual and custmary fees are based on median dentist fees in zip code prefix 850. Your dentist's usual and customary fees may vary from the samples listed above. Finally, savings are estimated based off the usual and customary fee less 20%. Results are rounded to the nearest dollar.

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It's easy to find a Patient Direct dentist near you! Remember that Delta Dental of Arizona's Patient Direct members are only eligible for a discount when visiting an Arizona Patient Direct dentist.

Patient Direct members should choose "Delta Dental Patient Direct" as the plan type.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

No. We’ll mail one Patient Direct ID card per household to your home address within 7-10 days of your enrollment. The ID card will only list the primary subscriber’s name, but it has all the information your dentist needs to confirm eligibility of any additional family members. If someone in your household needs a copy of the Patient Direct ID card, you can always sign into the member portal and print an extra ID card that they can use when they visit the dentist.

Misplaced your Patient Direct ID card? No problem! Here are three ways to access your ID card:

1.       Log in to the Delta Dental Mobile App to view your ID card.

2.       Download and print your ID card from the member portal.

3.       Call 866.327.0032 to request a new ID card from customer service.

Yes! Arizona dentists in the Patient Direct network agree to give Patient Direct members a minimum of 20% off all dental treatments and services that are performed in their office. This includes services like teeth bleaching, veneers, etc.

Still need more details? As a courtesy to our Patient Direct members, we’ve created a handy chart that gives you a better idea of the dental services eligible for discount.

Dentists are not required to give a discount on products sold through their office. Examples of products that may be ineligible for discount include toothbrushes, specialty pastes and water flossers.

The Patient Direct program is not an insurance program; therefore, there are no frequency limitations for Patient Direct members. You are empowered to work with your dentist to decide the best course of treatment for your oral health needs. 

No. You don’t need to worry about waiting periods for dental services if you are a Patient Direct member. As soon as your discount plan is effective, you are eligible for your discounts.

You must present your Delta Dental Patient Direct ID card to the Patient Direct dentist before services are provided and you are obligated to pay the Patient Direct dentist directly at the time of service. Specific details regarding the terms of payment are between you and your dentist, and should be discussed when you agree upon a treatment plan.  

No. Delta Dental of Arizona’s Patient Direct members are only eligible for a discount on dental services when visiting an Arizona Patient Direct dentist. 

Patient Direct members have access to a discount vision plan administered by EyeMed Vision Care. The discount vision plan provides savings on eye exams, eyeglasses, contacts, LASIK and more! View our discount vision plan flyer for more details.

If you need to enroll family members living in your household to your Patient Direct discount plan, call 866.327.0032 to speak to a member of our customer service team. They can help you make any changes to your enrollment or discuss any other questions that you might have. 

You can manage your billing and payment preferences by signing into the member portal.

Your annual fee for participation in the Patient Direct program can be paid via electronic funds transfer (EFT), credit card or check. If you enrolled using EFT or credit card, your renewal will be set up for auto-bill pay. However, you can manage your billing and payment preferences at any time by signing into the member portal.

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