Legacy Individual and Family Plans

If you purchased your Individual and Family Plan prior to August 22, 2013, your dental benefits are likely covered through one of our legacy plans. This means you’ll still save on dental services like routine cleanings, fillings, crowns and X-rays, and you’ll have the option to renew your plan annually or switch over to one of our newer plans.

If you purchased your plan after August 22, 2013, or want information on our current Individual and Family Plan offerings, visit DeltaDentalCoversMe.com.

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Managing Your Legacy Dental Plan

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  1. Renew your legacy plan. Your plan auto-renews annually, so you don’t need to do anything.
  2. Make changes to your legacy plan, such as switching to another legacy plan, adding or removing dependents, adding vision coverage or updating your EFT account.
  3. Switch over to a new plan. Take a look at our new lineup of dental and vision plans. If you decide to switch, you’ll also need to make sure you cancel your legacy plan.

Make Plan Changes

Need to make changes to your plan? It's easy to switch to another legacy plan, add or remove dependents, add vision coverage or update EFT info.

View New Plan Options

Take a look at our new lineup of dental and vision plans. If you decide to switch, you’ll also need to make sure you cancel your legacy plan.

Individual and Family Plan Benefit Booklets

Policies contain general and specific exclusions and limitations. This means certain dental services may not be covered under every policy. Also, coverage for certain dental services is subject to conditions and other limitations, such as the number of times they may be covered in a given time period. You should obtain these exclusions and limitations and review them prior to enrollment and renewal. If you have a legacy plan, please refer to your benefit booklet for details. If you do not have a legacy plan, these exclusions and limitations are available during the quoting process at DeltaDentalCoversMe.com.

Details and Limitations
Individual Plan renewal is for consecutive 12-month period(s). Please refer to the terms and conditions for renewal details and the cancellation policy. If a subscriber fails to renew his/her legacy Individual and Family Plan, coverage will not be reinstated and the subscriber will be subject to the prices, terms and conditions of the available plans at DeltaDentalCoversMe.com.

Dentists, employees and dependents of dental offices do not qualify for Individual and Family Plans.