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We're proud to protect the smiles of Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS) and Public Safety Personnel Retirement System (PSPRS) enrollees. With the largest network of dentists nationwide, quick answers and personalized service, we make it easy to keep your smile healthy.

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Open Enrollment is Nov. 1-30, 2023

Open enrollment for 2024 runs November 1-30, 2023. Once open enrollment ends, you'll need a qualifying life event to enroll in our retiree dental plans for ASRS and PSPRS.

For more information on enrollment, contact ASRS or visit the ASRS website.


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ASRS members should choose "Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier" as the plan type.

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Did you know that your oral health offers clues about your overall health or that problems in your mouth can affect the rest of your body? 

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Your food choices play an important role in preventing dental disease. Check out some of our favorite mouth-healthy recipes!

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What good is dental insurance if you don't know how to use it? Get tips on using and understanding your dental plan.

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Dental Plan Webinar for ASRS Enrollees

Want to learn more about the dental plan? Watch this informative webinar! It gives you a great overview of the plan coverage, plus the variety of oral health resources available to keep your smile healthy.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Yes! Your health insurance covers just about everything EXCEPT your teeth. Without dental insurance, a trip to the dentist could take a big bite out of your wallet. Much like your car, it wouldn't take much to spend a thousand dollars or more. A crown may cost $953 and a root canal might run you $997. Even a simple cleaning would come in at more than $83. Dentist visits can be expensive, but dental insurance coverage can save you lots of money — especially on routine visits and preventative oral health care.

Preventive care, including regular checkups and cleanings, is the key to maintaining your oral health. With regular visits to the dentist, problems can be diagnosed early and treated without extensive testing or elaborate and expensive procedures — and that keeps the costs of dental care low.

You'll have access to more than 3,700 in-network dentists in Arizona and 154,000 in-network dentists nationwide, plus all the benefits of the Delta Dental PPO plus Premier plan. Our on-demand video explains everything you need to know about the ASRS dental plans from Delta Dental of Arizona. Topic-specific navigation allows you to pick and choose the areas you're most interested in learning about.

On the Delta Dental High Plan Option, major services are covered at 25% in year one and 50% in year two and beyond. The Delta Dental Low Plan Option does not include coverage for major services. For specific benefit coverage information, please refer to the appropriate plan's summary of benefits.

There are no waiting periods on the AZ State Retirement System's Delta Dental plans. 

Even if you’re out of the country when you receive dental treatment, you have peace of mind when you have Delta Dental of Arizona coverage. Your ASRS dental plan includes covered dental services when they are performed and completed by a licensed dentist in a dental office. However, it’s important to remember that these dentists are likely out-of-network, so you’ll be responsible for paying the full dentist’s fees at the time of service. You’ll then need to submit a claims form and required documentation to receive reimbursement. Please refer to your specific plan booklet and these out-of-country claims submission instructions for more information on how out-of-country dental claims are handled. 

Misplaced your Delta Dental ID card? No problem! Here are three ways to access your ID card:

  1.  Log in to the Delta Dental Mobile App to view your ID card.
  2.  Download and print your ID card from the member portal.
  3.  Call 833.335.8201 to request a new ID card from customer service.

Note: You don't need your Delta Dental ID card to visit the dentist. Your dental office can verify your coverage by asking a few simple questions.

You likely received two Delta Dental ID cards that both list the primary subscriber's name. Even though they only list the primary subscriber's name, these ID cards should be used for any dependents or spouse covered on the plan. To see who is covered on your plan, sign in to the member portal.

Please wait 48 hours after your effective date to register for the member portal. If you are having trouble registering for your account, view our member portal registration flyer or consult our troubleshooting tips.

Delta Dental of Arizona has the largest dentist network in the state. With nearly 90% of Arizona's practicing dentists enrolled, it's very likely your dentist is in the Delta Dental network. Use the following resources to double-check:

No problem! We've created a dental benefits hotline especially for Arizona State Retirement System enrollees, so don't be afraid to contact our friendly customer service department.

ASRS Toll-free Hotline
833.DELTA01 or 833.335.8201

Maintaining good dental habits is especially important for older adults. Unhealthy bacteria in the mouth may be associated with serious medical conditions.

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Your food choices play an important role in preventing dental disease. Check out some of our favorite mouth-healthy recipes!

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What good is dental insurance if you don't know how to use it? Get tips on using and understanding your dental plan.

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