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Coming Soon! A New Way to Grow Your Practice 

Attract More Patients with Delta Dental Patient Direct®

Dentist Enrollment Begins Early 2022

Let’s face it, not all patients want to foot the bill for full coverage dental insurance. That’s why we’re launching Delta Dental Patient Direct to give your patients another option when it comes to covering the cost of dental care. This is not an insurance plan, it’s a discount program that gives patients 20% off dental services when they visit your office.

Patient Direct Dentist Enrollment Begins Early 2022!

Get excited because dentist enrollment for the new Patient Direct network begins soon! Keep an eye on your mail and email inbox early next year for full details on how to join. Until then, you can check this page for important updates and announcements.

Why Join The Patient Direct Network?

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    Attract new patients and grow your practice

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    No claim forms

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    No need to verify benefits, the ID card is all you need

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    No annual max or frequency limits

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    Immediate payments (patients pay you—on your terms)

How Does It Work?

Step 1: Join the Delta Dental Patient Direct network (dentist enrollment begins in early 2022).

Step 2: Give patients 20% off dental treatment when they present their active Delta Dental Patient Direct member ID card at your office.

Step 3: Collect payment at the time of service or set up a payment plan with your patient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get excited because dentist enrollment begins in early 2022! You’ll receive a packet of information on how to join the network in the mail and your email inbox early next year.

By joining the Delta Dental Patient Direct network, you will have the opportunity to reach more patients and increase foot traffic to your office. The Patient Direct program is easy for you and your staff to administer. The Patient Direct program is not insurance. With the Patient Direct program, there are no claim forms to submit, and you get paid directly from the member. Also, the Patient Direct program has no fee schedule, no frequency limitations, no hidden fees and, best of all, there are no annual maximums.

You must be a participating provider with Delta Dental of Arizona to join the Patient Direct network. Joining the Patient Direct network will not affect any existing contracts you may have in place with Delta Dental of Arizona.

There is no fee schedule for the Patient Direct program. By participating in the network, you agree to discount your usual and customary rates for services performed in your office by 20%. You can then collect the balance in full at time of service. If you like, your office may also setup a payment plan with patients for the remaining balance.

As a Delta Dental Patient Direct provider, you agree to give Patient Direct members 20% off all dental treatments and services that are performed in your office. It is up to you and your office how you’d like to collect payment, but the 20% discount must be honored and taken off your usual and customary rates.

Per the participating provider agreement, you do not have to give Patient Direct members 20% off products sold at your office. Products such as toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss picks are excluded from the Patient Direct discount. 

The Patient Direct program is not an insurance plan; therefore, there are no limitations or exclusions for participating members. Dentists are empowered to work with their patients to decide the best course of treatment for the patient’s oral health needs. 

Once we build the Patient Direct dentist network, we will begin advertising this new program to potential members. You should expect to see Patient Direct patients in your office in summer 2022. 

There are two easy ways to verify patient eligibility. First, you can ask your patient to present their active Patient Direct member ID card. If the patient does not have an ID card handy, then you may call customer service to verify their eligibility at 800.894.2961.

Yes. The Patient Direct program has no time limitations or frequencies! The dentist and patient can decide how soon the next dental visit should be.

Delta Dental is a trusted name in the dental industry and is known throughout Arizona. By purchasing the Patient Direct program, members get the convenience of having an easy-to-understand, affordable dental program that offers discounts on traditional dental services, as well as services that are not typically covered by traditional dental plans. The Delta Dental Patient Direct program has no frequency limitations, no denied claims, no hidden fees, and no annual maximums. 

The Patient Direct program does not coordinate benefits with any traditional insurance plans. However, the Patient Direct program can be applied to services that are not covered by the patient’s insurance plan. Dentists will need to submit a claim for those covered services for an insured patient. 

Only members enrolled in the Patient Direct program administered and sold by Delta Dental of Arizona can receive discounted services from participating Arizona dentists. 

We’d be sorry to see you go, but you can cancel your participation in the Patient Direct network at any time. To do so, you must submit a form asking to be removed from the network. Removing yourself from the Patient Direct network would not affect any other Delta Dental networks that you are participating in. 

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