Uninsured Pregnant Women in Marana Receive $20,000 in Dental Services

Delta Dental of Arizona, through it foundation, partners with Marana Healthcare to provide preventive dental care  

MARANA, Ariz. (May 23, 2018) - Ensuring good oral hygiene in pregnant women helps them maintain their overall health and leads to healthier newborns, since gum disease is a known risk factor for premature birth. Pregnancy Awareness Month, which is celebrated in May, brings an additional need to emphasize the importance of a healthy mouth during pregnancy. Teaming up with Marana Healthcare, Delta Dental of Arizona, through its foundation, is awarding a $20,000 grant to ensure uninsured pregnant women in the town of Marana receive the preventive dental care they need. 

“Being able to identify and prevent dental emergencies for pregnant patients is really a remarkable service to offer,” said Vijay Patel, DMD, current Dental Director at MHC Healthcare. “With the generous funding from Delta Dental of Arizona, we are able to transition OB/GYN patients directly from other clinics and provide integrated medical and dental care to ensure healthy moms and healthy babies. Thanks to this partnership we’ve seen over 300 pregnant patients in 4 years.”

The grant from Delta Dental of Arizona will be used to provide dental exams, x-rays, and cleanings to approximately 90 pregnant women.

“For years, we have been committed to expanding access to oral health education and preventive dental care for expectant mothers and their children through partnerships like this,” said Allan Allford, chief executive officer at Delta Dental of Arizona. “One of the ultimate goals in our outreach efforts to mothers is that they will pass healthy dental habits to their children from birth.” 

This year, Delta Dental of Arizona, through its foundation, has distributed nearly $800,000 to 36 Arizona community organizations, many of which serve high-risk children and families, and pregnant mothers.


About Delta Dental of Arizona Foundation
Founded in 1997, the Delta Dental of Arizona Foundation is the charitable arm of Delta Dental of Arizona, the dental benefits company. Its mission is to improve oral health, particularly for underserved and uninsured groups and communities. Since 2006, the Delta Dental of Arizona Foundation has provided more than $13 million in community benefit support for oral health promotion and dental disease prevention programs across the state. For more information on the Foundation, please visit www.deltadentalaz.com/foundation.  

About Marana Health Center
MHC Healthcare is an innovative, patient focused organization dedicated to providing quality healthcare to all individuals of all ages regardless of insurance status or the ability to pay. At MHC, healthcare professionals strive to provide quality, coordinated services to patients and their families. They are available for scheduled or same day care during business hours and provide an on-call medical provider after hours. For more information, visit www.mhchealthcare.org.