Save Santa's Teeth!

Delta Dental of Arizona encourages parents to use Santa’s ‘sweet tooth’ as an oral health education opportunity for young ones 


GLENDALE, Ariz. (Dec. 19, 2017) — It’s no secret that Santa loves cookies and according to a recent Delta Dental of Arizona survey, 82 percent of Americans who celebrate Christmas plan to leave cookies for the man in red—but the burning question is does Santa pack his own toothbrush to keep those pearly whites sparkling?

In case he doesn’t, Delta Dental of Arizona is encouraging parents to use this as a teaching opportunity about the importance of oral health by leaving a toothbrush, toothpaste and floss out for Santa along with the cookies or other sugary treats.

“Like Santa, we all like to enjoy sweet treats over the holidays. What better way to encourage your children to maintain tooth-healthy habits than by incorporating the big guy in red? Who knows, it just may help your kids get a jumpstart on being on the ‘nice’ list next year,” said Tiffany Di Giacinto, director of marketing and communications at Delta Dental of Arizona. “Also, if you are looking for some last-minute stocking stuffers, there are many fun, kidfocused oral health products on the market that will help encourage good brushing and flossing habits well after the holidays.”

In addition to cookies and milk, the Delta Dental survey also found that Americans plan to leave other interesting foods for Santa, including vegetables (9%), cheese (6%), chips (6%) and even alcohol (6%).

But don’t just focus on keeping Santa’s teeth cavity-free, Di Giacinto advises. It’s also important to keep your own oral health in mind, especially during the sweets heavy holiday season. In fact, 20% of adults say they plan make a New Year’s resolution to improve their oral health in 2018 and with another 15% resolving to go to the dentist. For more oral health tips and information on maintaining a healthy smile, visit the Delta Dental of Arizona Blog at


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