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Extra dental care may help with these medical conditions

Taking good care of your teeth, gums and mouth helps ensure the health of your whole body. That’s because research shows a connection between your oral and overall health.

Some medical conditions put you at greater risk for having oral health problems. These include:


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    Heart disease

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    Kidney failure

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    Suppressed immune system

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If you have any of these conditions, a history of being susceptible to such conditions or have been diagnosed with gum disease, Delta Dental’s enhanced benefits could help you take better care of both your mouth and body.

Enhanced benefits provide additional oral health care such as extra cleanings, exams and fluoride treatments. The additional dental care could help you better manage your medical conditions.

Reduce tooth loss if you are susceptible to gum disease.                     

Prevent gum problems that are more likely if you are diabetic or pregnant.  

Better control your glucose levels if you have diabetes.             



Decrease your risk of cavities, which are more common if you’re undergoing chemotherapy and radiation.                                                                                        

Lessen bacteria buildup in your mouth and lower the chance of infections that can be especially harmful for those with kidney disease, HIV or organ failure.

Control periodontal (gum) disease, which has been linked with inflammation of the arteries, heart disease and stroke.                                                               

Employers can choose to offer dental plans with enhanced benefits. To find out if it's available with your plan and if you are eligible, check with your employer, dentist and dental benefits company.

Enhanced benefits are available through some Delta Dental plans for little or no increase in your premium. That extra care could protect not only your mouth, but your whole body.