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Grant Recipients

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2019 Grantees

    $20,000.00 – I.G. Homes Children’s Dental Clinic
Contact: Josh Stine, Director of Grants and Government Relations

The Children's Dental Clinic is a stand-alone facility adjacent to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Phoenix branch. The clinic provides comprehensive oral health services to low-income, uninsured children ages 5 to 18. The clinic collaborates with A.T. Still University Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health (ASDOH) and the Phoenix College School of Dental Hygiene. Grant funding is used to compensate the clinic's dedicated staff and lead dentist who specializes in preventive and diagnostic care. The clinic’s goal is to provide comprehensive, preventive and direct dental services for 875 unduplicated youth.

    $10,000.00 – Oral Health and Cancer Care
Contact: Viridiana Zendejas, Bilingual Director of Program and Growth

The "Oral Health for Cancer Care" program was launched in 2018 with a goal of educating Arizona residents who have been affected by cancer. The program focuses on the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene throughout the cancer journey to preserve smiles and lessen treatment side effects. This year, the program aims to serve 100 unique individuals through embedded oral health components in existing monthly education, healthy lifestyles, social, youth, Latino, Teen and Family, and two community events. The goal is to improve participant’s experiences within the program by offering multiple opportunities to access engaging and applicable oral health education and complimentary services such as fluoride varnish treatments at events.

    $25,000.00 – CARE Campus Dental Clinic
Contact: Christina Fankhauser, Director of Philanthropy

Catholic Charities CARE Campus will re-activate an unused dental clinic to offer weekly oral health exams, cleanings and varnish treatments to the underserved, prioritizing children, pregnant women and seniors in central Mesa and greater Phoenix. Through the work of dedicated office staff, community partners and volunteer registered dental hygienists, this program will also provide oral health instruction and education to patients and community center participants to build good oral health practices for those without dental insurance.

    $10,000.00 – ECD Oral Health Program
Contact: Chenita Young, Planning and Development Coordinator

This community-based prevention program will provide oral health education workshops, dental screenings, fluoride varnish treatments and referrals to potential permanent dental homes for low-income migrant and seasonal farm working parents, pregnant women and children. The funding received will cover costs needed to provide services to early childhood development families who represent an underserved population with challenges such as poverty, hazardous working conditions, poor nutrition and language barriers.

    $30,000.00 – Cochise First Smiles
Contact: Christy Stuth, MPH, RDH, Program Coordinator/Dental Hygienist

The “Cochise First Smiles” program is to use best-practice approaches to enhance the oral health status of newborn children through age 6 in Cochise County. This will be accomplished by working directly with young children, pregnant women, and adults who are caregivers for young children (professional and informal child care providers). The program will provide these groups with education, dental screenings, fluoride varnish, silver diamine fluoride treatments and referrals.

    $15,000.00 – Preventive Oral Health for a Brighter Tomorrow
Contact: Jennifer Lim, DDS, Dental Director

Desert Senita Dental Center (DSDC) will visit areas of Arizona, where there is little to no access to dental care, and provide screenings, fluoride varnish treatments, and silver diamine fluoride treatments for children ages 0 through 18 and pregnant women. DSDC plans to visit schools and offices to educate on oral hygiene and refer patients back to the office for sealants and cleanings, as necessary, and distribute Smile Bags.

    $20,000.00 – Dignity Health Children’s Dental Clinic
Contact: Laurel Vetsch, Grants Manager

The Dignity Health Children’s Dental Clinic works to decrease the incidence of tooth decay in children through direct preventive services, education for families, and dissemination of best practice information for caregivers. Funding will be used to provide 500 preventive appointments at the clinic, 175 screenings and fluoride varnish applications for children ages 6 – 18, and oral health education for 1400 children in community locations.

    $35,000.00 – El Rio Pediatric Dental Integration Program (Phase 3)
Contact: Brenda Goldsmith, Executive Director

The El Rio Health Pediatric Dental Integration Program Phase 3 will provide oral health services and education to 6,180 low-income children during medical well visits at the five El Rio medical clinics that also have dental clinics. Additional outreach events will occur both internally and externally to engage and serve families at other El Rio Health clinic sites and collaborative community events.

    $20,000.00 – Oral Health Education – "Learning with a Smile"
Contact: Maria Valenzuela, Phoenix Program Director

“Learning with a Smile” provides culturally sensitive oral health education to low-income Latino children, parents, and seniors in metropolitan Phoenix. Esperança conducts education in low-income senior housing communities and Title I schools. Esperança’s goal is to serve 7,500 children, 400 parents, and 200 seniors over the new two years.

    $10,000.00 – Prevention for Children with Chronic/Disabling Conditions
Contact: Natalie Harlan, Grants Administrator

The Prevention for Children with Chronic/Disabling Conditions program provides electric toothbrush kits, fluoride toothpaste and fluoride varnish care for patients at Flagstaff Medical Center’s Children’s Health Center. These children suffer from chronic or disabling conditions which inhibit their ability to use a regular toothbrush. Many come from low-income families and cannot afford to invest in an electric toothbrush. Clinic staff will provide instruction to families on proper use of the brushes, and will provide education on preventive oral health practices. The Nurse Practitioner will identify and apply the fluoride varnish to those children who are at risk of tooth decay, primarily children from the Indian Reservations and those that live in outlying communities.

    $2,500.00 – Keep Your Health on Track (KYHOT)
Contact: Peter Rusin, Executive Director

Keep Your Health on Track (KYHOT) is a fieldtrip program serving second grade students. The program is held at the McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park in Scottsdale, Arizona. Over 2,500 second grade students, parents and teachers from Maricopa County and tribal schools participate. The dental station will teach the importance of proper dental hygiene. Students will be able to list three reasons why people need teeth and be able to describe and demonstrate the importance of proper brushing and flossing techniques.

    $20,000.00 – Kids Bright and Healthy and Happy Healthy Smiles
Contact: Ashley Wood, Community Impact Director

Kids Bright and Healthy provides K-12 students assistance with medical, dental, and vision needs by providing referrals to care, education, and assistance with out-of-pocket fees on an emergency basis. The Happy Healthy Smiles program was created to provide kindergarteners with a two week in-school oral health learning experience with smile kits and Dr. Seuss Tooth Books to take home. Kids will brush their teeth as a class every day during the program.

    $12,000.00 – Dental Program at Maggie’s Place
Contact: Laura Magruder, CEO

The Dental Program at Maggie’s Place will meet the needs of 70 homeless, pregnant/parenting women by providing preventive and restorative oral health services, including screenings, cleanings, diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases, and bus passes for women to travel to their appointments. Over 150 children will receive oral health education at our Family Success Center.

    $25,000.00 – Dental Care for Moms and Kids
Contact: Matt Jewett, Associate Director of Grants

The Dental Care for Moms and Kids project builds an oral health continuum of care for pregnant women and their children, through age 18. The program offers free screenings and cleanings for pregnant women, adds free preventive and extraction services for children ages 0-18, and provides portable dental equipment to integrate preventive dental care into the pediatric medical primary care exam room.

    $20,000.00 – Native Health Oral Health Program
Contact: Francie Spencer, Development Specialist

The Native Health Oral Health Outreach Program will provide children preventive oral health services through community-based outreach programs. The program will also enable integration of oral health measures for children seen during well-child and/or preventive care visits at the agency’s Central, West, and Maryvale clinics. The program will impact 2,500 children and their families/caregivers. The program will educate and promote oral health for 400 adults (family of children served) ensuring total family coverage.

    $21,000.00 – Navajo-Apache-Gila Oral Health Coalition (NAG OHC)
Contact: Connie Baine, Coordinator/Consultant

The Navajo-Apache-Gila Oral Health Coalition (NAG OHC) serves approximately 10,000 tri-county residents. The goals of the NAG OHC include becoming a resource for clear, consistent messaging about the importance of oral health (to align with the State of Arizona’s Oral Health Plan). The NAG OHC seeks to increase overall public awareness of the importance of early, frequent and life-long oral health care and make the connection between oral health and overall physical health. The coordinator will implement the NAG OHC strategies and be responsible for coalition development, recruitment, communication, trainings, reports and partnering activities.

    $25,000.00 – Smiles Happen When Dental Education Happens
Contact: Laurie Pierce, Grants Manager

“Smiles Happen When Dental Education Happens” delivers oral health education and/or screenings to 4,800 underserved, uninsured children and youth at 18 events throughout the year. The program works with established partners at Back to School, sports and health fairs, and other school activities serving low income areas. Grant funding will support dental staff at events, services by dentists at clinics, and the purchase of "The Grosser More Disgusting Totally Cool Book", an effective and popular oral health education tool.

    $17,495.00 – Gateway to Comprehensive Dental Care for the Homeless Project
Contact: Ed Rooney, Director of Clinical Supervision Training

The Gateway to Comprehensive Dental Care for the Homeless project’s goal is to improve the oral health of homeless children and pregnant women residing in Phoenix Rescue Mission’s Changing Lives Center for Women and Children (CLC), conduct preventive training, and advance the integration of oral health and overall health at the CLC. The funding will provide direct dental services, promote collaboration among health care providers, increase access to oral health services, and translate proven dental approaches into a widespread practice by having families access a "dental home" after exiting the CLC to maintain good oral health.

    $5,000.00 – Dental Plan for Senior Citizens of Patagonia
Contact: Charles R. Kelly, Secretary/Treasurer

The Dental Plan for Senior Citizens of Patagonia program will encourage and advance the overall health and oral hygiene of the local community. The grant received will be used to provide dental services to our low-income seniors and people with disabilities. There are over 175 individuals signed up for the Senior Citizens of Patagonia lunch and transportation services. Most of these seniors will be eligible to take part in this Dental Plan program.

    $13,000.00 – Oral Health Care for Domestic Violence Survivors
Contact: Holly Craw, Grants and Contracts Manager

Through the Oral Health Care of Domestic Violence Survivors program, we will provide domestic violence survivors in Sojourner Center programs with access to dental care using local pro-bono dentists. This grant will provide staffing support of a dental care advocate and a driver, mileage for transporting participants, printing of program flyers and cell phone services for the driver.

    $22,917.00 – Southern Arizona Oral Health Coalition (SAzOHC)
Contact: Alicia M. Thompson, Coalition Coordinator

The SAzOHC aims to increase community connections around oral health throughout the seven southern counties of Arizona. The SAzOHC brings people together across all 8 CDC sectors to energize them and bring synergy to all efforts to make a difference. SAzOHC will coordinate two (2) community educational events on Silver Diamine Fluoride and other minimally invasive techniques to stop tooth decay, both will include a practical hands on training for providers. SAzOHC will coordinate one (1) educational event on Motivational Interviewing.

    $20,000.00 – Oral Health Program for Children and Families
Contact: Lisa Olivas-Cook, Grants Manager

Southwest Human Development’s Oral Health Program for Children and Families promotes good oral health practices as integral to overall health and wellness. The funds are used to educate 8,546 children and families in Healthy Families and Head Start/Early Head Start programs about the need for daily and lifelong oral health care, the importance of having a dental home. 725 children in these programs will receive oral health screenings and varnish treatments.

    $20,000.00 – Sun Life Oral Health Screening Project
Contact: Michelov Rhau, Grants Manager

Sun Life Family Health Center will provide oral health screenings and varnish application services to children ages six and older at 26 different elementary schools in eight Pinal County school districts (Casa Grande, Coolidge, Eloy, Florence, Maricopa, Oracle, Picacho and Stanfield). Approximately 91% of the children participating are uninsured or underinsured. The Sun Life Oral Health Screening Project staff will connect all participants identified with dental problems to treatment services.

    $15,000.00 – Sunset Healthy Smiles
Contact: David Rogers, CEO

Sunset Healthy Smiles will provide X-rays, oral health exams, oral prophylaxis, fluoride varnish, sealants and oral health education for up to 250 children ages 0-18 years old in the Sunset Community dental clinics. Through the Sunset Healthy Smiles Program, the dental mobile van will visit nine schools throughout Yuma County to provide oral health services.

    $30,000.00 – Tohono O’odham Medical-Dental Collaboration Project
Contact: Elizabeth Van Dyne, MD, MPH, Medical Officer Pediatrics/Public Health

In the past few decades, the children of the Tohono O'odham Nation have experienced a high rate of severe tooth decay, often leading to multiple invasive restorations. To address this issue, the Tohono O’odham Medical-Dental Collaboration Project will utilize silver diamine fluoride (SDF), when appropriate, to treat caries on these children. The goal is to reduce the number of children requiring treatment for caries under general anesthesia by 50% in the first year of the program, with additional gains in subsequent years.

    $25,000.00 – Tooth BUDDS
Contact: MiQuel McRae, Executive Director

Tooth BUDDS, Bringing Understanding of Dental Disease to Schools, is staffed by affiliated practice dental hygienists who provide preventive services free of charge to school children in Graham and Greenlee Counties. They also utilize teledentistry to connect patients with providers. Services include: assessment, dental cleaning, fluoride varnish, sealants, silver diamine fluoride and glass ionomer sealants. During the summer months, Tooth BUDDS will be providing these same services to seniors in long-term care facilities.

    $10,000.00 – More Smiles at TCRHCC
Contact: Veronica Hardy-Becenti, Grants Director

Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation (TCRHCC) currently operates the only denture program on the Navajo reservation and serves an average of 275 patients annually. Grant funds will be utilized to sustain this program by covering dental laboratory fees for approximately 30 low income, Native American elders needing full or partial dentures.

    $20,000.00 – OHPEN (Oral Health Prevention and Education) Wide Program
Contact: Patrick Rivers, Sr. Program Coordinator

The University of Arizona Mobile Health Program is a full-spectrum family medicine unit providing free, critical services to vulnerable populations in Tucson and Pima County. As part of the care to low-income communities, OHPEN Wide provides dental screenings, fluoride varnishes, and oral health education to children and pregnant women.

    $15,000.00 – Healthy Families Oral Health Education
Contact: Natalie Harlan, Grants Administrator

Verde Valley Medical Center’s Healthy Families Oral Health Education project provides dental education, training, and supplies to families with a newborn in the greater Verde Valley region of Yavapai County. Healthy Families assists at-risk new parents at home on a wide range of child-focused topics including oral health. The program also connects with families through a variety of quarterly and annual socialization and community events.

    $20,000.00 – WIHCC Mobile Dental Program
Contact: Dr. Thomas Barnes, Chief of Dental

The WIHCC Mobile Dental Program provides comprehensive treatment, including annual exams, radiographs, sealants and dental restorations, to Navajo Head Start and Pre-K students. The program will also provide sealant treatments and annual exams to approximately 953 students in grades K-12 throughout six different communities.

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