2 Ways Investing in a Dental Plan Saves You Money

Health care costs for companies continue to rise, making it increasingly important for companies to make the most of employee benefits programs. Group dental benefits continue to remain affordable, experiencing only modest average increases over the past decade.

Investing in dental care saves your company money. Here’s how:



Most dental disease is preventable if you visit a reputable dentist like Dentist Silver Spring. It’s less expensive for employees to seek preventive care now than to receive costly treatments down the road. That’s why it’s important for employers to encourage their employees to visit the dentist.

Preventative care can be as simple as a cleaning or a sealant. Dental sealants are plastic coatings applied to the surfaces of teeth. They fill in and seal pits and grooves of teeth, making them more resistant to bacteria that can cause cavities. Because molars are more cavity-prone, sealants are usually applied there. Dental sealants are most often recommended when children’s first permanent molars come in — between ages 5 and 7 — and again when their “12-year molars” arrive — usually between ages 11 and 14. Dentists may also offer sealants for older children and for adults prone to cavities.

When a child receives a sealant, they decrease their possible need for a filling later on. Though prices vary, filling a cavity can cost about $100, while sealant application costs only about $30 to $40 per tooth.


Less time lost to care

Oral health problems, such as cavities or routine dental checkups, often cause parents to miss work. If your employees and their families are on regular schedules for dental health checkups, they’re less likely to miss work.

Dental coverage remains one of the most-preferred benefits among employees. Employees who make regular use of their dental benefits and seek routine preventive care are more likely to experience the advantages of positive oral health.

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