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Grant Recipients

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2016 Grantees

$15,000.00 – Mommies2Be

Grant funding will be used to support Adelante Healthcare's Mommies 2Be program. This novel project will provide preventive screening oral health care and essential education for low-income and uninsured pregnant women. Participants without insurance will be referred to the program from Adelante's OB-GYN, WIC, and/or eligibility services, thereby increasing our internal efficacy and improving external outreach. Participating patients will receive an oral health screening assessment, full mouth series of x-rays and a cleaning. Approximately one month after the birth of their newborn, Adelante will follow up with the new mothers, assess their knowledge acquisition with a post-survey and provide additional education about the oral care for their baby. The Mommies2Be program will engage and educate our targeted population and provide preventive oral healthcare. By offering dental services and oral health education at the same primary healthcare location and collaborating with other community providers, we are able to provide comprehensive health services to our pre-natal patients.

* * * * *

$20,000.00 – Project PITCH

AACHC proposes to continue its activities previously funded by Delta Dental of Arizona Foundation that center on educating FQHC medical and dental providers and staff on the importance of oral health care during pregnancy, anticipatory guidance, and early initiation of routine preventive pediatric dental care. The proposed program activities will include on-site and ongoing training for medical and dental providers and staff and creation of a best practice toolkit that providers can use as a resource in providing oral health services to pregnant women and children under the age of 2.

* * * * *

$15,000.00 – Text2Floss

This outreach grant focuses specifically on Community Health Center staff and locations. Text2Floss is a nationally successful preventive program of A.T. Still University harnesses mobile phone technology to increase oral health literacy, knowledge and improve oral health behaviors in patients served by the Community Health Centers. The program is a free, 7-day interactive text messaging service that helps develop preventive oral hygiene habits by providing reminders to floss, brush, and rinse along with age-related tips for optimal oral health; a website; and an iOS and Android mobile application (app). In Text2Floss: An Innovative Option to Improve Oral Health Behavior, ASDOH proposes to further promote statewide use of Text2Floss.

* * * * *

$25,000.00 – Bright Smiles

The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Colorado River are respectfully requesting $25,000.00 in grant funding from the Delta Dental of Arizona Foundation for our “Bright Smiles” program, scheduled during the 2016 Summer Day Camp program and continuing through the 2016-17 After School program. “Bright Smiles” creates a professional partnership with “Just 4 Kids” Dentistry, with offices in Bullhead City and Kingman, Arizona. This proposal will provide 150 Boys & Girls Club members (75 from the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Colorado River, 75 from the Boys & Girls Club of Kingman) with comprehensive oral exams, x-rays, prophylaxis and application of sealants over a span of sixteen separate appointments. Boys & Girls Club members participating in “Bright Smiles” will be those kids who “fall between the cracks” and are considered underinsured with regard to dental coverage. Each child served will range in ages from 5 to 17. Additionally, each child will benefit from our “Crest Cavity-Free Zone” instructional program that will occur at the club prior to the scheduled appointment. Our education component originates from a longtime partnership and model developed between Crest and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

* * * * *

$15,000.00 – Children's Dental Clinic

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Phoenix's (BGCMP) Children’s Dental Clinic serves low-income, uninsured youth aged 5 – 18. Funding from the Delta Dental of Arizona Foundation (DDAZF) would go directly toward compensating our Dentists and Dental Assistants for providing preventive services.

* * * * *

$25,000.00 – The Parsons Center for Pediatric Dentistry at Murphy

The Parsons Center is the dental home for nearly 3,500 unduplicated children in South Phoenix. There are 10 stationary operatories in our newly-redesigned permanent dental clinic. In addition to general preventative and restorative dental care, our offerings now include on-site conscious sedation, endodontics, oral surgery, and orthodontics. With our six portable operatories, our dental clinic's capacity has more than doubled. This increased capacity allows us to expand services to the Isaac Elementary School District (IESD), a district comprised of 11 Title I schools, all located within a 5-mile radius of the clinic. While the insured IESD children have had access to dental care, the uninsured/Medicaid-ineligible children have not. A $25,000 grant will cover 60% of the Parsons Center’s Mobile OPS Coordinator/Dental Assistant's salary. Based on a $25,000 grant, the dental assistant will provide 2,000 unduplicated children (6/hour) with coronal polishing (pediatric cleanings) and fluoride during in-school clinics in the MSD.

* * * * *

$13,000.00 – "Back to School" Dental Hygiene Program Support

The grant will cover the following educational programs:

  1. Art programming: Roughly 22,000 children and their adult caregivers will create oral health-themed arts projects at programs held daily in the Museum's Art Studio, and through "pop-up" programs throughout the Museum between July 1 and August 14.
  2. Entertainment: 5,600 museum attendees will attend an oral health-themed magic show. A total of four shows will be held on the Free First Friday Nights in July and August (two on each night), and 12 additional shows between July 1 and August 14.

* * * * *

$20,000.00 – Preventive Oral Health for a Brighter Tomorrow

Desert Senita Dental Center is part of a Community Health Center and the only one in Ajo, Arizona. The plan to serve preventive oral health care, screenings and oral hygiene instructions for patients ages 0 - 18 and pregnant women who are either uninsured or underinsured or do not have dental services in their city.

* * * * *

$12,000.00 – Dignity Health Children's Dental Clinic

Funding from Delta Dental of AZ Foundation will be used to support the Dignity Health Community Oral Health Programs by providing 200 preventive appointments at the Chandler Children's Dental Clinic, oral health education for 200 children and adults in community locations and 400 screenings and fluoride varnish applications for children ages 6 - 18 in community locations. The Children’s Dental Clinic uses Affiliated Practice Dental Hygienists to provide preventive clinical services to children through age 18 and community-based education to children and adults.

* * * * *

$15,000.00 – Learning with a Smile

Proposed funding will be used to

  1. put systems in place to sustain the growth from 2,000 to 4,500 children and parents receiving oral health education that was made possible by 2015 Delta Dental of Arizona Foundation’s grant
  2. facilitate access to dental care for uninsured children
  3. expand our network of volunteer oral health educators to maintain our expanded reach
  4. provide leadership within both local and national oral health coalitions
  5. improve evaluation tools for pre-literate children in order to enhance both programming and our ability to seek funding from local and national foundations

* * * * *

$10,000.00 – 2016 Dental Disease Prevention among Children with Chronic & Disabling Conditions

Funds will support the purchase of electric toothbrush kits for patients who receive care through Children’s Rehabilitative Services (CRS), a program of FMC’s Children’s Health Center. These children suffer from chronic or disabling conditions which inhibit their ability to use a regular toothbrush. Many come from low-income families and cannot afford to invest in an electric toothbrush. Other charitable donations received by the Children’s Health Center will be used to provide families with replacement brushes as needed/able. FMC case managers will provide instruction to families on proper use of the brushes, and will provide education on preventive oral health practices.

* * * * *

$12,500.00 – Legacy Foundation Chris-Town YMCA Dental Clinic

Requested funds will be to increase utilization of our Legacy Foundation Chris-Town YMCA dental clinic for preventative oral health care services. This goal will be achieved by increasing outreach efforts to underserved youth and pregnant women and providing financial assistance to remove barriers. The YMCA's ability to reach many underserved youth and pregnant woman and provide a holistic approach to wellness strengthens Mountain Park's impact on reducing health disparities.

* * * * *

$15,000.00 – Dental Program at Maggie's Place

Proposed funds would be used for a collaborative partnership between Maggie’s Place and the Central Arizona Shelter Services (CASS) Dental Clinic for the homeless. Through this partnership, CASS provides the opportunity for Maggie’s Place guests (pregnant women in need) to receive dental care in a dental facility specializing in the needs of the homeless population. This year, in August, we opened a fourth home in Mesa. Your grant funds will enable us to serve the Mesa moms in our new home, serve additional moms from our other three homes, and serve Alumnae moms as well (women who have lived in one of our homes and receive ongoing support from us in the form of trainings, scholarships, bus passes, emergency expenses, and emotional support). Dental care increases our moms’ overall health, self-confidence, and quality of life. The goal is also for them to pass down healthy oral habits to their children.

* * * * *

$20,000.00 – Preventive Dental Care for Pregnant Women

Funding from Delta Dental of Arizona Foundation will be used to assist uninsured pregnant mothers with second and third trimester dental screenings/cleanings. To assist with long term dental health for themselves and their babies, our providers will provide in office education for all mothers and our case coordinators will provide follow-up education and scheduling assistance for baby’s first dental appointment post-partum.

* * * * *

$49,800.00 over two years – Screenings & Cleanings for Moms to Be
Multi-Year: 2016 $24,900; 2017 $24,900

Mountain Park Health Center (MPHC) proposes to again provide oral examinations and periodontal scaling (as needed) for 166 low-income women (<250% of the federal poverty level, with most well below that level) receiving prenatal care from an MPHC Women’s Health Care provider. This grant will allow them to combat the moderate to severe periodontal disease seen in 70% of our prenatal patients, which increases risks for preterm and low weight births. Our Women’s Health Care providers will inform pregnant women meeting eligibility criteria of the opportunity for dental care through this grant and initiate a formal referral to the dental department. There is NO dental benefit for pregnant mothers.

* * * * *

$50,000.00 over two years – Native Kids Dental Health Improvement Program
Multi-year: 2016 $25,000; 2017 $25,000

NATIVE HEALTH is requesting a third year of funding to continue the Native Kids Dental Health Improvement Project initiated in January 2014. NATIVE HEALTH provides dental care and preventive education targeted to 2,500 American Indian and other underserved children and their caregivers each project year. The project will additionally provide fluoride treatments to 2,000 American Indian/underserved children each year. Grant funds will be used to continue employment of a Child Dental Health Educator to coordinate, attend and provide oral health education and a Dental Hygienist to provide fluoride application at 45 events in 2016. The project will additionally continue to improve dental care among children served in a variety of NATIVE HEALTH programs that serve children and their caregivers including, but not limited to Home Visiting, a parenting skills program; Health Start, a service targeted to high-risk mothers and their children and Women Infant Children program (WIC Nutrition).

* * * * *

$25,000.00 – Navajo Nation Oral Health Coalition

The Navajo Community Health Representative Program will build the necessary organizational and workforce capacity to expand access to oral health education, prevention and treatment services to all new and expecting mothers, infants and children throughout the Navajo Nation. Navajo Community Health Representative (CHR) Program will: 1) organize and manage a Navajo Nation Oral Health Coalition; 2) train 10 CHRs in each service unit with essential dental skills; 3) train one comm. dental health coordinator (CDHC) in each service unit; 4) design and implement scopes of work for CHRs and CDHCs in collaboration with IHS and 638 service units; 5) Strategically position CHRs and CDHCs them to serve as the tribe’s primary drivers of community-based educational and preventative services.

* * * * *

$20,000.00 – Expanded School Outreach Programs

Funding from the Delta Dental of Arizona Foundation will support the salaries of the dental hygienists who will serve approximately 9,500 elementary and middle school children by providing oral health education and screening of urgent dental issues. This grant serves both Desert Mission in Sunnyslope (previously known as John C Lincoln Health) and the Palomino Dental Clinic operated by Scottsdale Healthcare. These organizations merged and became HonorHealth. The grant funding serves both clinics and the surrounding schools where outreach occurs.

* * * * *

$2,390.00 – Children's Dental Health Awareness Program

Grant monies are to be used not only by the Ponderosa Lions Foundation direct expenses but additionally to assist other Lions Clubs in Coconino and Yavapai Counties, and the (Gila County) Payson Kiwanis Club, a 501c3 service organization to create their own dental health educational program. Dental related books, tooth timers, dental stickers, tooth bracelets, tooth pencils and tooth paper bag puppets will be used to educate, promote and motivate children, parents & new parents, caregivers and teachers on the importance of good oral health and healthy eating/drinking practices. Due to our previous carryover grant funds in the amount of $6,274.95 it is requested to utilize these carryover funds for the 2016/2017 grant year for; $2,300 mileage, $3,000 dental related books, $700 ink, $50 paper, $35 labels for books, $100 infant pretzel tooth brushes and to replenish & expand drinks for “Rethink Your Drink”.

* * * * *

$12,500.00 – Changing Lives Center's Gateway to Comprehensive Dental Care for the Homeless

This grant would be used to support the cost of staff and provide needed supplies to continue the preventative and educational dental services offered to include up to 100 children and 25 pregnant women at Phoenix Rescue Mission’s Changing Lives Center each year. These funds would grow the dental program into new community partnerships and increased client access to all levels of dental care through the use of teledentistry.

* * * * *

$8,200.00 – Southern Arizona Oral Health Coalition

The Pima County Health Department Oral Health Program is requesting funding to reestablish the Southern Arizona Oral Health Coalition (SAOHC). PCHD was part of the original Pima County Oral Health Coalition in 2002 and helped to identify unmet needs in the County. The Coalition continued for several years and provided a great networking opportunity for agencies interested in and already providing oral health services. Reestablishment of the SAOHC will unite dedicated professionals, community members, key stakeholders, and oral health advocates to address the burden of oral disease in underserved children and adults in Pima County and increase awareness of oral health as an essential part of overall health. Funding will support salaries to organize and implement the Coalition and help fund professional development opportunities through online learning and attendance at the National Oral Health Conference. Pima County will be responsible for recruiting coalition members, planning and facilitating meetings, providing a meeting space, documenting meeting minutes and attendance, implementing the evaluation process, and submitting reports to the grantor. The development of vision and mission statements and the implementation of a needs assessment will help guide the Coalition in creating a strategic plan to outline activities over the next three years. Identifying ongoing support and funding to sustain SAOHC is a priority and will be included in the plan. Establishing a local Coalition will also help to support the efforts in developing a statewide coalition in Arizona.

* * * * *

$15,000.00 – La Paz/Mohave Oral Health Coalition

The proposed funding request will be used to strengthen the existing La Paz/Mohave Oral Health Coalition by increasing awareness, expanding the scope of the work that is in place, and developing new partnerships with the potential to open up new funding sources in the area of direct assistance to the public and reduced cost services through mobilizing resources.

* * * * *

$19,500.00 – Oral Health Services for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder

As the state's leading nonprofit serving individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), a vital part of our mission is to provide a lifetime of support for individuals with autism and their families, including difficulties with oral hygiene. Recently, we have been working with an alarming number of individuals who cannot brush or will not let anyone brush their teeth due to their developmental disorder. With this request, SARRC will provide intensive support in the area of oral hygiene to include, but not limited to the following: direct prevention services, oral health instruction, and education/preparation for standard dental screening.
Additionally, we will use a portion of this request to expand upon a recent client success story that used a series of video models prompting individuals on how to properly brush their teeth on their own. A variety of subjects from different gender and ethnic backgrounds will allow SARRC and other partner agencies to use these videos specifically to fit the needs of individuals with ASD.

* * * * *

$20,000.00 – Oral Health Program Children, Families, and Expectant Mothers

Southwest Human Development (SWHD) will use the requested funds to offer oral health education for low-income children and families participating in our Healthy Families and Head Start/Early Head Start programs. A portion of funding will be used by both programs to promote oral health, increase knowledge of preventive measures, and increase access to preventive care. SWHD uses several different strategies to deliver oral health information through these programs, including classroom instruction and activities, family-friendly events, and home visitation. Additionally, SWHD is asking the DDAZF to support an expansion of services to provide access to preventive dental care for pregnant women. These two programs each serve about 100 pregnant women (total of 200), all of who are at or below poverty level. SWHD would create the Expectant Mothers' Dental Fund to allow payment for screenings and cleanings for this population. We would partner with community dental clinics to provide services for referred pregnant women and SWHD would pay for services directly from the Fund. If additional dental treatment is needed, SWHD will work to find other resources, following our current standard of practice, to help women meet those needs.

* * * * *

$18,040.00 – Dental Prevention Clinic

St. Elizabeth’s Health Center, in partnership with Delta Dental, will provide free evaluations, fluoride varnishes, cleanings and X-rays for uninsured children, youth and pregnant women in the Greater Tucson area. In 2015, we initiated this program in partnership with Pio Decimo Center. In 2016, we will expand the program by pursuing additional community partners. Specifically, we will target schools and centers with qualifying uninsured and underserved constituents. The program will include 3 basic elements:

  1. Phase 1 of the program will involve 10 on-site clinics to be held at area schools and centers. The goal will be to see 20 young people at each clinic, or 200 in all. We will provide a short educational session on oral hygiene and the importance of preventative dental care. In addition, we will provide free dental screenings and fluoride varnishes to all interested participants.
  2. At SEHC, children referred from on-site clinics – as well as other uninsured children who meet requirements for Federal Poverty Levels 1-3 – will receive free evaluations, cleanings and X-rays.
  3. SEHC will also offer free fluoride varnishes, cleanings, X-rays and dental hygiene counseling to uninsured pregnant women who meet requirements for Federal Poverty Levels 1-3. The goal will be to see 100 patients at SEHC.

With this program, we will see a total of 300 persons over the course of the 12-month cycle: 200 at our satellite clinics and 100 at SEHC.

* * * * *

$15,500.00 – Healthy Mom, Healthy Kiss

A grant from Delta Dental of Arizona Foundation in support of Healthy Mom Healthy Kiss will allow the dental clinic at St. Vincent de Paul’s downtown Phoenix campus to greatly affect the well-being of low-income pregnant women and their infants through increased access to dental care and education. Healthy Mom Healthy Kiss seeks to improve the oral health of low-income pregnant women, and in the process, help them understand the lifelong importance of oral health and adopt oral health behaviors that reduce the risk of early childhood caries in their offspring.

* * * * *

$15,000.00 – Sun Life Oral Health Screening Project

Sun Life Family Health Center requests funding in the amount of $25,000 per year during a three-year period to implement school-based oral health screening services in Pinal County, Arizona. The organization will target school children, age six and older, for these services. Sun Life is proposing to serve 600 children per year in school districts of Casa Grande, Eloy, Florence, Stanfield and Arizona City. Oral health screening services will be provided on-site at elementary schools in the designated districts, as well as health fairs and community events throughout the county.

* * * * *

$20,000.00 – Sunset Healthy Smiles

Sunset Community Health Center will cover the costs of initial exams, radiographs, fluoride and/or dental sealants at a variety of locations across both urban and rural areas of Yuma County for children living in poverty but not covered by AHCCCS.

* * * * *

$42,742.00 over three years – Healthy Families Oral Health Education
Multi-year: 2016 $13,826; 2017 $14,249; 2018 $14,667

This project provides dental education, training, and supplies to 40-46 families with a newborn over a year’s time in the greater Verde Valley region of Yavapai County. Project components are delivered via VVMC’s Healthy Families program, a home visiting program designed to assist new parents on a wide range of child-focused topics, including oral health. Specifically, funds will be used to support a portion of the staff time needed to implement project activities, and the purchase of related activity supplies. Families are enrolled in the Healthy Families Home Visiting Program until the infant turns five years old. Project goals are to improve oral health, provide preventive education and training, and help infants get a healthy start when their first tooth comes in.

* * * * *

2015 Continuing Grants

$43,560.00 over two years – Navajo-Apache-Gila Oral Health Coalition (NAG Coalition)
Multi-year: 2015 $21,780; 2016 $21,780

The NAG Coalition works to communicate, coordinate and engage members of the coalition to improve oral health in the Navajo, Apache and Gila counties. The grant funds a part-time coordinator to manage these critical responsibilities. The NAG Coalition is active, involved and growing. In the last year, the group is responsible for creating cross-agency collaborations along the Mogollon Rim that expand services and programs. In addition, the group created continuing education programs featuring experts discussing recent research in oral health. Leadership by the Navajo County Department of Public Health has been instrumental to the spirit of cooperation, partnership and expansion of this effort.

* * * * *

$4,000.00 over two years – Kids Bright and Healthy
Multi-year: 2015 $2,000; 2016 $2,000

The grant covered cleanings, x-rays and sealants for approximately 17 students who are homeless, low income, or have high deductibles for their insurances. This program matches 50% of the amount paid by the parent.

* * * * *

$50,000.00 over two years – Mobile Health Program
Multi-year: 2015 $25,000; 2016 $25,000

The Mobile Health Program at the University of Arizona reached an underserved group of schools without access to dental care. By going directly to the schools, the mobile program removes the barriers of transportation, parents with multiple jobs, the difficulties of finding low-cost services and setting appointments. Schools located in six zip codes within Pima County are the focus, but pregnant mothers and their families enrolled in the Mobile Health OB Program and the clients at Teen Pregnancy Services will also be included. Exams, cleanings, topical fluoride, and referrals to local dental centers are essential services for these head Start programs, pregnant woman and teens.

* * * * *

2014 Continuing Grants

$12,154.00 over three years – Told First Hand Program
Multi-year: 2014 $12,154; 2015 $0; 2016 $0

Told First hand provides tobacco education to youth in Coconino County using speaker Jason Marsee, who makes approximately 30 presentations each year to school children about his experience of watching his older teenage brother die from oral cancer related to his use of chew tobacco.

* * * * *

$45,000.00 over three years – Early Childhood Caries Prevention Program
Multi-year: 2014 $15,000; 2015 $15,000; 2016 $15,000

El Rio Health Center is providing dental screenings, fluoride varnish and oral health education and follow-up dental care to families in the pediatric medical clinic sites. Funds also support the expansion of services to pregnant women and to a new medical location with no access to dental services.

* * * * *

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